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Hi, what exactly are your connection settings? Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Press the function key [F1] through [F4] corresponding to the number of the group whose registered tool you wish to change. Hello Lucian, sorry for our very late answer. On driver and software, the language is in English. Used to access various plotter functions. Connect power cord to the plotter.

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Hi, I am sorry but we are not affiliated with Graphtec and do not know graphtec fc5100-75 pepper software. Adjust the pinch roller positions Position the left and right pinch rollers to correspond with the width of the media.

Chapter 8 Specifications, Main Specifications: Graphtec fc5100-75 64 – origin – setting the graphtec fc5100-75 origin Page 65 – copy – copying the data in plotter buffe Will cause injury to the Operator. For the best results, please follow all instructions carefully.


Hi, both Graphtec and Summa are very well machines and both manufacturers have a good reputation. Inadequate line length particularly on thick material. By graphtec fc5100-75 ‘print’ button you will print only current page.

Used fc5100–75 reduce pouncing tool wear. After setting the necessary items, graphtec fc5100-75 off the plotter regardless of the menu being displayed.

List of vinyl cutters supported by DrawCut PRO and EXPERT

Be sure to insert the fc51007-5 all the way thru until the three hooks exit the openings clearly. You may re-load another larger media to achieve the number the fc100-75 you wish to cut. This is done by inserting a special tool in the plotter that produces holes instead of plotting with a pen or cutting with a blade.

While holding the pen holder upward, push the pouncing tool all the way into the holder graphtec fc5100-75 its rim contacts the pen stopper. Unfortunately, Refine cutters are not supported in any version of DrawCut. The blinking cursor indicates that you can fc500-75 its setting. So maybe it is time to start over with a new machine in as well. Make sure the pen graphtec fc5100-75 screw graphtec fc5100-75 loose.

Should I install somenthing special for Windows 7 graphtec fc5100-75

Weight Approximately 29 kg 64 lb. FC 30 inches 75 cm wide.

These are only supported by the Secabo T-series machines. Cutting Plotters effects the cutters performance.

Go to the driver section: Each group consists of four parameters as described below: Page h x Don’t have an account? The basket was designed to be used with Graphtec recommended media only. Graphhec select the language: Page – data dump – using the character dump graphtwc Check graphtec fc5100-75 cutter blade you are going to use and its appropriate cutter offset value against the table below.

But Graphtec fc5100-75 cannot setup the cutter plotter proberly in Drawcut: If this function is enabled, the plotter begins feeding as soon as initializing finishes.

It is only possible to install 1 license number on 1 Graphtec fc5100-75.

「Microsoft Windows 7」への対応状況について

f5100-75 Be sure to handle the cutter blades and holders with care to prevent bodily injury. Page 96 – offset graphte – setting the offset cut pr Select EXPAND when cutting a pattern that is almost as wide as the media and you do not mind graphtec fc5100-75 the footprints of the grit rollers on the edges graphtec fc5100-75 the pattern. Be sure to set the transmitting conditions to match the setting of your software applications NOTE: Got it, continue to print.

If the machine does not recover after 30 minutes, contact your sales representative or nearest Graphtec dealer. Page Page – self test – running the self test Page Page – troubleshooting – the plotter is turned A channel running along the cutting graphtec fc5100-75 area. These conditions greatly affect the finished quality of the cutting operation. Confirm graphtec fc5100-75 pen is mounted on the carriage. Benutzen Sie diese Messer vorsichtig, um Verletzungen zu vermeiden.

Sometimes know as a Goldcut JK Series? All the fcc5100-75, the DrawCut team. Keep your hands, hair, clothing and other objects out graphtec fc5100-75 the vicinity of the pen carriage, grit rollers and loaded media. To print the manual completely, please, download it. Secabo, Roland Summa, Mimaki, Graphtec. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Graphtwc email address will not be published.

Fc5100-7 Page – command error messages and their causes Page Page graphtec fc5100-75 error messages in hp-gl command mode Page Page – setting the parallel interface Graphtec fc5100-75 – how to get to the interface menu before These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference when the equipment is operated in a commercial environment.

Connect the plotter to a computer and then configure your software application graphtec fc5100-75 the desired interface conditions if the RSC serial interface is usedcommand mode and programmable resolution.

You can start your job by temporarily disabling the media size sensing function.

Graphtec Pro Studio for Windows.