May 05 2018

Nancy, I want to replace the screen for him because it is so incredibly expensive to have sony fix it. Replacing the motherboard seems like a haze. Vertical lines on half of the screen. Trying to replace the inverter on an sz series vaio. The inverter board gets power from the motherboard via a cable.

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I have another guide for this laptop explaining how to remove the keyboard.

There is no inverter on this model. Great step-by step instructions, I was able to dis-assemble the lcd of my vaio vgn-fj to check for possible loose connections, but unfortunately the problem is still there….

How to remove screen from Sony Vaio VGN-SZ – Inside my laptop

Also the screen on another has lost its backlight but I can clearly see vaip screen itself is not damaged. Recently, backlight on SZ2XP suddenly died, when connected to an external monitor everything works fine and if you look at the screen closely with a lamp, everything sony vaio vgn – fs920 there. Probably one hardware related and another one software related. Any help finding an inverter? Sounds like a problem with the LCD screen. Simone, I have got a vaio vgn AB laptop and after a gentle knock the bottom third of the lcd screen is white horizontal white sony vaio vgn – fs920.

The main difference that I noticed, was that once the screen bezel was removed, there are a few screws that actually secure the lcd screen to the back of the bezel. Could be bad inverter or faulty backlight lamp inside the screen.

Be careful, do not apply to much force because the the bezel is made of thin plastic. I used the Vaio recovery disk and did a restore to an earlier date — something I did fixed the problem — not sure what.

There are only 2 screws on top and the bottom part seems to be attached to the hinge. Thomas Drake, I have a vaio and under the panel with the speakers and power button there are sony vaio vgn – fs920 cables that go the the card reader and one that goes to the power button and speakers from the mother board…anyone know where i can find these cables?

Will an inverter help this or is it something else?

How to remove screen from Sony Vaio VGN-SZ645

We sell electronic versions of service and user manuals, part lists, schematic diagrams for home and professional audio-visual equipment, PCs and other electrical appliances. Does anyone know sony vaio vgn – fs920 other series can use for replacement? Sounds like LCD screen failure. Vqio problem is when I opened it, whats under the bezel looks completely different than your pics. On External monitor everything is OK but the fine lines can be visible though only very slightly,but to all purpose OK.

Thank you in advance for your help. That fixed it for me also. Not sure what you are talking about. Finally somebody devoted to SONY! My laptop still on warranty, but xony been bough in Europe, but I am now in Asia still for a month.

Thanks very much for the help, and DMike, I hope that helps. Creep, VGN-SZU — sony vaio vgn – fs920 verticle blue lines began appearing at the power-on password prompt followed by a square of dollar signs followed by a Windows Vista boot screen with just the progress meter showing. The screen is very dark, but still I can use.

The display harness routed though the left hinges. After cooling my head sony vaio vgn – fs920 and doing some internet search I suspect that I might have an issue with the lid close switch causing backlight to stay off but I can not find the switch vai the hinges. If you can provide me with any hint on how to remove the bezel from the hinge, I would really appreciate it.

Boot From Usb on an Old Pc Without Modding the BIOS

Vbn will not help because it sony vaio vgn – fs920 out of warranty. But it annoys me each time I look the screen, espesially with light color wallpaper. The screen is really dim, and plugged into an external monitor works well. Gene, I have a very dim screen but other programs will not open either. Find the screen model number and search on eBay, amazon, google.

Your equipment will no longer be “out of order” vggn useless. While most of new pc models sony vaio vgn – fs920 capable of booting off a usb drive, some old pc models on which I usually test ultra-lightweight Linux distrubutions such as “Puppy Linux” cannot boot from usb keys.