May 06 2018

Also, where the hell are speaker connectors? The screen inverter board cannot affect image on the external monitor at all. If the laptop works fine with an external monitor, most likely the video card and motherboard work properly. After reading above I am unsure if it is the inverter or the back light. I have dv laptop. The screen still works but it is not lit up. I was considering getting another LCD to try but not so much now since your response.

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I slide the switch into open position if possible. Disassemble the LCD screen and access hp dv6910us xp backlight lamp. On that picture I see a damaged cracked LCD screen. Does the backlight flash for a moment? Can you link me a guide or how to to solve that? I pulled the panel off hp dv6910us xp I thought where the main flat LCD cable plugs into the motherboard, the wires in the cable dv691u0s have gotten pinched or something becuase I saw the screen come on once or twice when working on it.

Does it sound like the laptop starts properly even though the screen is black?

How to remove screen on HP Pavilion dv – Inside my laptop

Should I just check ebay? First my suggestion; On Hp dv6910us xp 5 print out the picture showing the screw locations. I have a confirmation of an order being sent to the wrong address. To get it to stop continuing this start stop cycle I have to unplug the computer and remove the battery. I am going to try to replace the inverter. On bootup the light behind the screen illuminates it dv6910ys but not with a consistent flat color. Hp dv6910us xp the laptop is started up, I can disconnect the AC power and the screen will stay on.

Screen inverter board

I am currently opening the laptop up looking for any obvious hp dv6910us xp hardware. The webcam device appears and disappears from Device manager as I move the screen lid. Why does the screen stay on hp dv6910us xp after unplugging from the wall? I would test the laptop with another backlight lamp first. Any good dealers to buy the parts from? Hp laptops are only good for about a year. Boot your laptop with an external monitor.

I doubt that your problem is related to the inverter board. It bp install the camera driver automatically. Than I assembled everything back. Thanks for the other link! I believe this model fails because the video chip separates from the motherboard.

I attached the the power cord to it and plugged it to the outlet, the blue light at connection at the lap top came on but noting would come on. Before my invertor hp dv6910us xp to get hot below the screen.

The hp dv6910us xp buttion does light up after i touch the dvd controls but does not respond. Does it affect video on the screen.

Great website, invaluable info. There is nowhere on HP’s site to enter a complaint and no help hp dv6910us xp be found because they do not even understand me enough to help me I am curious about something. Hi, I have dv Is it possible that for a fraction hp dv6910us xp second I am getting backlight it means lcd bulb is fine but the inverter is bad??

I press the up button and the LED lights dv69910us on for a quick sec and nothing happens, power goes off. The laptop works fine but i have to hold the screen and press it at a certain position for it to work.

I applied little force to open it, and it opened with a crack. If you have the nvidia card, the gpu has cooling pipes as well, so the fan is gated differently from the ones pictured. Can you get it work with the external monitor this way? And if I have to replace the LCD, what brands will be compatible?

Can I replace the screen following what hp dv6910us xp showed?

A very thin vertical line running from top to bottom though the entire screen? If the test backlight works consistently, then I will probably do what you suggest and replace the screen with one thru eBay. Pissed hp dv6910us xp I found out the salesman lied to me. How can I know for sure cuz my friend tried to use external monitor on it and nothing showed up on the external screen.

Today when I turned it on, all the blue lights came on, the hard disk was accessed, and I got a hp dv6910us xp — a totally black screen! Also, maybe you should try reconnecting the cable on the back of the LCD screen too?

How to remove screen on HP Pavilion dv6000

It was very useful in taking my DV apart to repair the Hp dv6910us xp power jack. Now to my question. It was reported that if one had a DC-IN jack problem, this cable hp dv6910us xp because it supplied power — could be a work around. I was not wearing an anti-static wristband while working on the laptop, but I was touching metal every now and then, though not dp often as suggested.

Try reconnecting the cable.