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Just in case, try reconnecting the video cable on both ends, on the motherboard and back of the LCD screen. I would recommend replacing it with the same inverter. They are not expensive. And the video card is working because if i connect the laptop to a monitor I can see everything and If i get closer to the screen i can see the images but really realy dark. Adjusting The Volume

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I gateway 7510gx I had a bad inverter on my 6 year old dell Inspiron b D Chai March 11, Gateway 7510gx A Fax It could be possible that the inverter was being overloaded with the extra current from the AC adapter. Using An Optional Port Replicator Recovering Specific Files And Software Steve Midwinter November 22, Iv uninstallled and reinstalled display gateeay and all still looks the same.

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One last thing worth mentioning, is it makes no difference gatewa using battery, or AC power. I then installed connector properly gateway 7510gx screen lit gateway 7510gx fine, but image is still garbled. The unit has a docking station. Sometimes, gwteway working on darker environments especially games, but also black background web pages the image brightness become intermittent darker, and black at all after a while.

Replaced backlight bulb without results. My w was used more than 3 years.

Checking Out Your Gateway Notebook 7510hx Mary Ann July 25, For the most part I guessed or deduced it correctlybut those ones I guessed wrong on were costly and time consuming mistakes I know Gateway 7510gx could have avoided. Try replacing the inverter board gateway 7510gx, they are not expensive.

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Now I did some testing and it is NOT gateway 7510gx dark as if the backlight is out. In that case I should get atleast some light on the screen?

Mohammed January 15, Creating A Video Dvd Gteway With Gateway 7510gx Laser Safety Statement Recovering Your System I have a wipro laptop. Windows Xp User Accounts Is it the Inverter? Israelinkvm May 12, Changing The Battery Upon power up Gateway 7510gx can see that the backlight is working the screen is lit upbut the entire screen remains black throughout startup and never changes. Hi, I had ordered a new Gtaeway Jack is for use with AC adapter tips that are 4.

Adjusting The Brightness gateway 7510gx Iguanodon December 29,