May 13 2018

I have not had this much fun in all the 16, photos I have taken with my very good digital camera. And I agree, The idea is really really Cool!!! I can’t launch it. With all my heart, confused as to why there are only ten sessions. Keep up with Poladroid, it’s awesome! I’d love to see it as an iPhone app.

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Not all people can afford a good Polaroid i633 camera, that’s why this is good. Thank you for your work and generosity. Why would Polaroid i633 want to use a mac? I love this tool.

I m really happy with Poladroid!!! It’s just a software which reproduces Polaroid Rendering. It would be great, if the blur effect could be set via slider like the vignette. I found this site very informative I want to check it out!! Why not mixed the both? It won’t get “dry” if you do that! A greeting and again, my congratulations. Great software but why not polaroid i633 a webcam control in Poladroid?

Your comments are filled with spam I remember there was an option to include the finger print on the photo or not. IN REAL TIME a polaroid i633 polaroid will have significant value as a result of its physical properties, but in the digital world, it has And always has had less value then ANY picture who’s source is digital if for no other reason then the fact it is a film being scanned, polaroid i633.

I’ve been doing it and loved the result! Polaroid i633, je t’aime, merci, je peux avoir un enfant de toi? Could you please let me know what’s wrong? I have my polaroids but I don’t want them to stay on my desktop, where can I polaroid i633 them?

To everyone asking about the Windows version: Thank you so much for realeasing this for free to us.

polaroid i633 HELP i wanna get this soo bad lol. But what would really make a goodie would be coding it as a plug in for Avid After Effect Final Cut etc.

This is absolutely great software! Then I could use the Polas for print.

Poladroid project | the easiest and funniest Polaroid Image Maker

Polarkid far I’m really impressed with the results. I don’t like this idea at all, because it completely takes away the magic of using a polaroid camera. So, it is kind of dying out.

You are jealous of how everyone supported him. So, cool software made by a cool person. Hope polaroid i633 feature will come soon! HI, Polaroid i633 the 0.

This polaroid i633 is BETA but really works. I cant figure out how to play with them and get rid of polaroic pink ribbon at the bottom of the pictures when they finish developing. Where exactly in Quezon City, Phil.

I found this site following a write up in Amateur Polaroid i633. Have you think about “photo is”?

Polaroid i633 is so much fun. The results were fantastic. First the site said the Windows version would be coming by November, now you’re saying it will be out “soon”. My blog needs ppolaroid time to gain in popularity anyway.