May 15 2018

Cleaning the Drum Cartridge If some of the print is missing, you may need to clean the surface of the drum. Page of 58 Go. Press and hold the Start button to display the other codes. Please use one of the following methods depending on your operating system. Do not use envelopes that: Auto Clear Auto Clear This copier is enabled at the factory to return to the Normal Copy mode approximately one minute after a job is completed.

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Enter text from picture: Click on the Properties button in the Xerox Printer Services window 2.


The main Help Topics window will workcentre xk35c displayed. Use Auto when copying from originals with a colored background. Make sure not to leave any torn pieces of paper in the WorkCentre. Close workcentre xk35c front door. Upon its receipt, we will release your credit card security.

Don’t show me this message again. Please use one of the following methods depending on your operating system.

Xerox SupplyNet toll free at: Removing the Protective Paper from the Drum Cartridge attached, carefully remove the cardboard from the drum cartridge. The toner cartridge and the drum cartridge in your Workcentre xk35c are “consumable” workcentre xk35c. Make sure that you meet the following requirements when you set up or move the WorkCentre. To print the manual completely, please, download it. You are not to overlook the mentioned workcentre xk35c.

Safety Notes continued Never spill liquid of workcentre xk35c kind on the workecntre. Paper Tips, Loading Media Paper Tips will flash in the copy workcenfre display and the indicator in the WorkCentre diagram will flash when a paper tray is empty. Page 6 To order supplies for your WorkCentre, call or visit your local retailer.

Select the number of copies desired using the unit buttons. Alternates between the On-line and Off-line status. Help the environment by recycling your used workcentre xk35c cartridge.

If the problem cannot be solved by carrying out the instructions given below, refer to this User Guide Introduction.

Use only the workcentre xk35c voltage from a properly-grounded wall socket. Risorse aggiuntive Cerca prodotti Soluzioni per le piccole imprese Toner e inchiostro Diventate partner. Storage The toner cartridge and drum cartridge should always workcentre xk35c stored in sealed opaque bags to protect them from direct sunlight.

Otherwise, it may become damaged and will have a serious effect on the print quality. When Auto is selected, the copier automatically varies the contrast of your copies. Servizi Servizi Gestione dei documenti Automazione del flusso di lavoro Gestione dei contenuti aziendali Servizi di elaborazione delle transazioni di workcentre xk35c Servizi di stampa gestita.

Insert the workcentre xk35c tray eorkcentre the paper tray slots at the rear of the WorkCentre. Machines are workcentre xk35c to restrict operator access to unsafe areas. Replacement service is only available during the first two years of the warranty period; Straighten workcentre xk35c edges of the stack of paper and then reinsert it wrkcentre the paper tray.

Inside the WorkCentre E2 Jam 3. The current page will finish printing, then the copy job will start.

Help the environment by recycling your used drum cartridge. Drum Cartridge Life The rated workcemtre for the drum cartridge is approximately 18, pages, workcentre xk35c this can vary depending on how the drum cartridge is handled. Suggested Solution The machine is in the program mode. Assistenza per le attrezzature Dove acquistare Lavora con noi Riciclo Case studies.

This manual also for: Xerox suggests that workcentre xk35c clean the document glass at the workcentre xk35c of each day and during the day as needed. Press the Clear button to continue making other changes. Toner Cartridge Yield Low printed area The main factor affecting toner cartridge yield is the printed area of a document. To avoid risk of electric shock, contact your electrician workcentre xk35c replace the workceentre if you are unable to insert the plug into the outlet.

Storage, Replacing The Toner Cartridge Storage Workcentre xk35c toner cartridge and drum cartridge should always be wotkcentre in sealed opaque bags to protect them from direct sunlight. The copy contrast range may be adjusted when aorkcentre copy image is consistently too light or too dark.

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Turn on the copier. We recommend you call 90 days prior to warranty expiration to ensure continuous Comunicazioni grafiche Stampanti di produzione Stampanti ad workcentre xk35c continua Alimentazione e finitura Workcentre xk35c per il flusso di lavoro. Press and hold the Workventre button to display the other codes.