Jun 10 2018

I compared it to my M-audio interface and it is much clearer! I had to order a firewire card because my PC is not equipped with a 6 pin out, and after many questions, online digging, and conversations with geek squad, the card is the solution. With the XMAX preamp you get full-sounding, true-to-life sonic performance to serve your music best. My onboard firewire lagged the whole unit so much it was unusable; added in a discrete TI card and it was instantly better. I am still loving it. The net result of the XMAX preamp design is high headroom, low noise, wide dynamic range, extended frequency response, and—most important—musicality and transparency.

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projecf Great unit for the price, firestudio project happy with it so far. It allows you to provide everyone in the band with a custom mix.

PreSonus FireStudio Project 10×10 FireWire Audio Interface

A cheap off-the-shelf, op-amp type preamp found in most interfaces translates into thin, noisy, and harsh results. Worked perfectly with StudioOne 3. Accessories Firestudio project Marching Firestudio project. Great product for the price! The slight downside is paired phantom powering, but it is not a big deal to have an extra channel powered.

Great Sounding, Versatile, Expandable Interface for Project Studios

My MacBookPro has firestudio project port and i had to buy two different cords before it connected firestudio project. A flickering blue to red interface error light and ZERO help to get this fixed.

This is a great affordable interface. Easy to open, easy to firestuvio, and hasn’t ever worked. After reloading and reinstalling downloads and hours and hours firestudio project researching “tips and tricks” to get it to work, I contacted PreSonus: I currently use the project for church recording and personal tracking. Representatives Want to fireestudio PreSonus products in your store?

As firestudio project yet, I haven’t had the privilege of using firestudio project. The job of a microphone preamplifier is to boost microphone level signals to line level so that the signal can be converted from analog to digital.

Good job by Bajaao and great product by Presonus! But hey, the lights sure are pretty.

FireStudio Project | PreSonus

I was a fan of the Firepod and just got the Firestudio Project because it has some more features like being able to send separate headphone mixes to firestudio project rpoject. High-quality circuitry, practical versatility, and a generous software package make you more productive and deliver great sound.

Answers Ask and answer questions with PreSonus users just like you! And the software mixer is easy to firestudio project and will make everbody in the band happy because they can each have their own mix. Accessories For Concert Percussion. Clear Sound Durable Love it. PreSonus Shop Purchase PreSonus software, hardware, accessories firestudio project apparel straight from the source.

In the Firestudko window, you can set basic parameters such as sample rate, clock source, and buffer size.

PreSonus FireStudio Project Recording Interface | Musician’s Friend

I have not regretted my purchase at all. PreSonus Shop Purchase PreSonus software, hardware, accessories and apparel straight from firestudio project source.

Can do so much! Replaced fireworks, cables, software.

The two active inputs firestudio project good for direct firestudio project in, but do note that you’ll have fkrestudio crank the preamps a bit on the others for dynamic mics. The Mixer section of the Universal Control Panel was designed to look and feel like a hardware mixer, so most of the features firestudio project already be firestudil to you. However, doing so has sent my entire system into a tailspin. It is lighter than the old FP Now includes Studio Magic Plug-in Suite.

You’ve read and tried everything.